Cruise Review: Carnival Freedom 7 night Caribbean Cruise

Cruise Review: Carnival Freedom 7 night Caribbean Cruise

In April of this year we took our second cruise, first on the freedom, to the alternate Caribbean route you can choose leaving Galveston.  Our stops included Cozumel, Belize, and Roatan.  We booked ours during a time of reduced deposits about 9 months in advance and booked our excursions 6 months in advance.  That may seem like way too far in advance for some but it was nice having everything paid for completely three months before we ever left.  We also traveled with my Dad and Stepmom.

Day 1:  My Dad and Stepmom live about two hours from the Galveston port, so my husband and I drove in the night before to stay and their house and ride together.  My best advice for embarkation day is

  • GET THE FASTER TO THE FUN PASS: We chose an 11 o’clock check in and we were on the boat having lunch (I recommend Guy’s Burgers) and drinking a beer by noon.  Also, since this pass allows you to board so much earlier, take about 10 minutes to just walk to the ship and get acquainted with the different areas.  We stayed on deck 7 towards the back of the boat and we were within two floors of most of the areas we wanted to be in so we rarely took the elevators.
  • DOWNLOAD THE APP: Carnival has their own app so link up to their WIFI, put your phone on airplane mode, and find the other people in your party with their ID number so you can text while on the cruise.  This app also has an itinerary for what’s happening on the ship, a map of the ship, and a quick view of your bill.
  • ENTER THE SPA DRAWING: Yes, you must take a tour of the spa and they encourage you to book services for that night but if you’re lucky you’ll win one of the gift cards. I won a $100 gift card which I used towards a keratin treatment.
  • UNPACK YOUR SUITCASE: You will be so happy you did when come day three your room doesn’t look like a bomb went off, and your stewards will also thank you.
  • EAT IN THE DINING HALL: This just really sets the tone for your cruise.  Not to mention, the food is just amazing.
  • FOR THE COFFEE LOVERS: I’m a coffee drinker.  Like I can’t function without it.  So, at night I would put out the door hanger asking for my coffee to be delivered for whatever time I wanted to wake up.

Day 2:  This was our first sea day.  I loved having a balcony room.  I would sit out on the balcony sipping my coffee and enjoying the sunrise.  Downside, the people next to us were smokers so once they came out for their morning cig I would go back inside.  I loved taking a cruise with my family for this reason… we all got to do our own thing.  So, we all started out having a bloody mary together but my husband and I wanted to lay out and get some sun and my parents wanted to just roam the ship and piddle around.  We all did our thing then met up later that evening for formal dinner and dined together.  After dinner, we all literally went and did our thing and loved it.  One person wanted to go read their book out on the deck, one wanted to gamble, one wanted to go to the comedy show, and one wanted to go watch the movie on the top deck.

Day 3: Cozumel.  There were 3 ships in port that day.  We chose the excursion “la casa en la playa.”  This was a beach house retreat and on an excursion, that usually has 40 people, there were only 22 of us so it was very relaxing and we got a lot of attention.  It’s an all-inclusive excursion so the drinks were flowing and food was always available.  One of the guides took people snorkeling and sent us the pictures at no charge.  You are right on the beach but if you would rather cool off in the pool, it’s there too.  You can also get a massage right on the beach as well.  They also bring you back with plenty of time left to shop.

Day 4: Belize.  We anchored in Belize right as a massive storm hit.  In Belize, you must use tender boats to get to shore.  We were the last tender boat allowed to leave and most other excursions were cancelled.  People were falling down the stairs of the tender and since the storm was so bad we were an hour late starting our Mayan Ruins excursion, which took an hour to get to anyway.  The ruins were great once we got there but we were wet and rushed and honestly just wished we would have gotten our money back and stayed in the spa that day.  We were so frazzled that we had to have a glass of wine when we got back before we even got ready for dinner.  On a positive note, the ruins were incredible to see.  There are also Howler monkeys all over the ruins that make the sound of a T-Rex.  I’m not joking.  The sounds they make are the actual sound that was used for the T-Rex in Jurassic Park.  I had a bit of a Jeff Goldblum moment where I looked around for the closest Jeep to make an escape. Here’s a tip though when booking your excursions… That morning when excursions were getting cancelled, Carnival was helping people get refunds or rebook something else.  If you didn’t book with Carnival you were SOL.  Also, if your excursion returns late to the tender boat, the ship will wait on Carnival excursions but not for non-carnival booked ones.

Day 5: Roatan.  If I could insert one of those praising hands emoji’s I would.  This port is BEAUTIFUL!.  Again, the Faster to the Fun pass comes in handy when you want to get started on your excursion.  We chose a private beach cabana rental.  It’s a flat price of $250 for up to 4 people.  It had lounge chairs, a hammock, a deck with more chairs, and a private indoor area if you needed some shade.  However, the outdoor deck was shady enough and the misters were going off over the hammock.  This isn’t an all-inclusive cabana but a server from Fat Tuesday’s is coming by every half hour or so.  And even though your ticket says six hours, you get it for up until the boat is leaving.  It’s got its own security so we felt safe leaving our stuff while we cooled off in the water.  This is worth every penny!  We got there right about 8:30 and didn’t head back to the boat till 3, which left us time to go to the shops under the pavilion where you can get locally made stuff.  Grab a bag on Honduran coffee and a handmade cross.

Day 6: This sea day was a rain out.  So I myself started out at the lounge bar drinking a bloody mary while my husband went to the gym.  They have early games of bingo so once he was done we headed to that.  Guess what?  I won the grand prize game!  Oh but there’s a catch… you have to do a bean bag toss.  I had to send my husband since I was two drinks in already and we won $250 to which I immediately headed to the Invicta watch sale and walked away with a gorgeous watch.  Winning!  We spent some time in the casino that day and took naps.  My dad and I gambled at slots while my husband played blackjack.  One thing about rainy days on a cruise ship is it does push people inside so our ship was really smoky.  I really don’t remember our cruise on the Magic being so bad but on this trip our clean clothes in our suitcase still smelled like cigarette smoke.  Not to mention huff and puff in the room next to us smoked every night to so when we went to bed we could smell it.

Day 7:  Our last sea day was perfect weather.  We had already gotten so much sun that we just sat in the shaded areas and drank our fruity drinks while we day dreamed about other trips we wanted to take.  It’s also a great day to hit up the sales in the gift shop and jewelry store or book a massage.  One thing I will say about the spa, is that the camp carnival is right above it so just expect to hear some stomping.

Day 8: Debarkation Day.  We opted to take our suitcases with us that morning vs. leaving them in the hallway the night before since we have the FTTF pass.  We still went up to the lido deck and had one last omelet.  Then we were through customs and in our car to head back by 8:30 that morning.

Pros about our cruise:  It’s a great way to travel with family and there’s a little something for everyone to do on ports and on the ship.  Plus I love getting to pay a chunk towards it each month.

Cons about our cruise:  The cigarette smoke made it almost unbearable to be in some areas and when you pay for a balcony, you kind of expect to be able to enjoy it.  If we were to do this itinerary again I would honestly wait for the Carnival Vista to get to Galveston before going again.


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