Road Trip Through Waco


Last month I headed to Houston for a summer visit.  My niece wanted to come back with me so we decided to take a little detour through Waco to visit the beloved Silos at Magnolia Market that serve as the background to one of our favorite shows on HGTV.

We checked in to the Hilton in Waco, which I must say, was just top notch.  The price and location was great.  We arrived a little early but they said we could go on and check in.  It is right across from the river and suspension bridge.  You cannot beat the location, which is why I can’t wait to return for a football game.

We headed out to the Silos the next morning so we could be there right when the doors opened.  Our hotel was right by the trolley pickup but it was a nice morning so we opted to walk.  We got there about 10 minutes before the doors opened and there was already a line, but don’t worry, once the doors open it moves quick.  It was a Saturday so it was a bit a crowded.  We had a hard time being able to look at stuff and considering we had a stroller for my son, that made it even tougher.  Had my husband been there, he probably would have stayed with my son out on the lawn to play games until we were done.  We made it to the merchandise area and grabbed t-shirts, hats, and coffee mugs.  There will be a line at the bakery but just do it, it’s worth the wait.  I let my niece play with my toddler out on the lawn while I got the cupcakes.  The lemon lavender was like having a unicorn do a little dance in your mouth.  On our next trip, I’ll probably try to go on a weekday so I can browse some of the home décor.

We then headed back to the hotel to unwind before we hit the road again.  We took a nice stroll on the bridge to get some great pictures.  I also wanted to read all the monuments because I’m a history nerd.  Apparently though, no trip is complete without a stop at In and Out Burger so we had to try one.  I confess, it was delicious.

So, if you get the chance and are doing a road trip through Texas, just take the time to stop off and visit Waco.  You can get a night’s rest and visit a couple things the next morning and still be on the road by lunch.  Also, if you are driving through the town of West, Texas which is just about 15 minutes or so north of Waco on I35, stop at the bakery there call Little Czech Bakery. I always stop to get cookies to bring back.

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