Caribbean Cruise Packing

Must Pack Items For A Caribbean Cruise

I’m sitting here preparing for an upcoming trip to Colorado and an Alaskan cruise and I’m starting to realize I’m a little out of my packing comfort zone for these two destinations.  The last ten years of trips have been to tropical paradises by way of an all-inclusive resorts or cruises.  Hopefully, after these trips I will be able to provide you with a must have list for colder weather destinations.  For now, here’s the things I can’t live without on a Caribbean cruise.

  • Two Bottles Of Sunscreen: Every cruise we’ve been on I just stick one can in my beach/deck bag and one in my husband’s backpack because inevitably we will only take one or the other’s bag and the sunscreen is conveniently left behind in the wrong bag. This last cruise we just did two bottles to make sure we always had one on hand.
  • Camera Battery Charger: I’m old fashioned I guess and still like to take picture with my camera not my iPhone.  So, if you’re like me, pack the small charger or bring extra batteries.
  • A Book: Again, I’m old fashioned and I genuinely like to still read a book vs. using a kindle. This last cruise I read Lion and couldn’t put it down.
  • Binoculars: I really enjoyed having these up on the deck at night looking at other boats and stars. I also liked using them early in the morning as we would pull into port.
  • Towel Clips: This was an item that when I first saw it suggested I thought, what kind of first world problems do I have when I need to order clips for my towels. However, they were cheap and I thought it would be a great little gift to hand out the night before the cruise.  This was probably the best thing I took because the first two sea days we had a ridiculously strong winds that every time you got up to go to the bathroom on the ship or get a drink, your towel would go flying.  These keep your towel nice and neat and no flyaway.  It also came in handy to hang wet swim suits up in the shower.  On a side note… pack two swim suits because it will take a full day or two for yours to dry.
  • Small backpack: One of our excursions had a hike to Mayan Ruins and this backpack came in handy to put waters, wallets, sunscreen, and camera. It doesn’t take up hardly any space and is very affordable.
  • Luggage Tags: This is not a necessity by any means, but they do keep your paper luggage tags nice and dry. When we dropped our bags off this last cruise before we went to park it was kind of misty outside and our luggage got a little damp but our tags stayed nice and dry.
  • Medicine: stomach, allergy, and motion sickness… it’s cheaper to get the small bottles of this ahead of time vs. paying for it on the ship or at a port.
  • Hat: Baseball hat or even a big floppy hat just something to give your face a break from the sun.
  • Plastic and Ziploc Bags: throw a couple in your day bag and suitcase… they’re great for dirty/wet clothes and keeping your camera and phone dry.
  • Wipes: Face or baby wipes come in handy to wipe off your hands when port bathrooms aren’t up to par.
  • A Pullover: Some of the theatres and lounges can get a little chilly and there were even some cool nights on the deck so a simple pullover came in handy many times.
  • Bug Spray: This is an item I didn’t pack that I wish I had because my feet got ate up by sand fleas in Belize.


I’m a little OCD about my packing lists but I think I just like being prepared and I don’t like to waste money on my trips on things I could have brought with me.  Hope this helps you on your next cruise!

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